Are You 100% Happy With Your Funnel?

If your gut is screaming ‘NO’ and you’re feeling uneasy, you might be onto something. Because most leads never convert to closed sales!

How many? Over 79% according to research.

Why? Because without a strong sales funnel, it’s impossible to convert leads. It doesn’t matter how much value you’re putting on the table.

A leaky funnel will lose you money and waste your time until you get it right!

Be it your website, landing page or email – you can get more out of your funnel with the right copy.

Get the strategies, messages and copy you need to plug those leaks and “Make Your Funnel Great”.

Build, grow, & optimize your funnel, with copy that sells!

I’m Amadeus Musumali. I Write To Sell.

Amadeus Musumali - Amadeus Musumali

I’m a marketing strategist and copywriter. I’m here to help you build, grow, and optimize your funnels with copy that sells!

Beware… I LOVE marketing and I’m always learning, sharpening and improving my craft. So I’ll get super geeky on your funnel strategy & copy, with stuff like ‘AIDA’, ‘SEO’, and ‘Return-Paths’.

Let me help you improve and feel confident about your funnel with copy that gets you more.

📣 Need web copy that gets attention?

No problem.

💸 Hungry for landing pages that convert?

Roger that!

📧 Looking for emails that sell?


✏️ Write copy for an entire funnel from scratch?

Yes we can!

What Clients Say About My Work

“I needed someone to help with writing copy that sells for my site. Amadeus immediately stood out from the mass – I was hooked as soon as I read his message! It's been even better than I expected – he writes excellent copy but not only that; he'll listen and come up with solutions to problems you may not have even realized were there in the first place.“

Martina R., Soloprenure

“Amadeus was an absolute pleasure to work with. His writing accurately conveyed exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. Communication was perfect and the project was delivered well within the requested timeframe. Would highly recommend Amadeus and am looking forward to working with him on more projects.”

James S., Marketing Consultant

“Amadeus excelled in his delivery of my marketing email project. I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, offering expert guidance and suggestions to lead to a successful project. I enjoyed working with Amadeus and will have plenty of additional jobs for him in the future.”

Dirk J., Startup CEO

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