Meet Amadeus Musumali

I help people get more out of their funnels.

Who Are You?

Hi, I’m Amadeus Musumali.

I’m a marketing strategist and direct-response copywriter who writes copy for sales funnels. 

Working in sales, I got frustrated that things didn’t grow without constant attention. So I decided to figure out how I sell more, with less work and stress.

That’s when I discovered direct-response marketing and funnels. It was love at first sight!

I’ve been selling for over 10 years. In this time helped launch new products and services. And created campaigns and funnels that drive sales and growth.

Now I help SMEs and entrepreneurs get more out of their funnels. By creating website, landing page, and email copy that sells!

Want to build, grow, or optimize your funnel with better copy? I’m here to help!

Are You The Right Copywriter For Me?

I work with people who believe in and stand behind their business. If you’ve got fire, believe in value, and are doing the work — Beam me up, Scotty! 🖖

Some of my experience includes:

  • Creating messages that pitch your funnel offer in 15 seconds (or less).
  • Writing website copy that gets the right type of attention.
  • Crafting landing pages that make people want to take action.
  • Developing email sequences that help you sell more.
  • Scripting high-impact video and audio sales pitches.

Looking for something that’s not on the list? Ask me about it! I’ve done a lot more, and I’d be happy to send you some portfolio pieces as well.

What Do I Get From Working With You?

If you need copy written for your marketing funnel, let’s talk! I’m a great believer in incremental progress. Small changes add up to make a huge difference.

Trying to fix it all in one stroke can paralyze you.

But by taking each element of your marketing funnel and improving it 1% at a time, we can achieve amazing results 🌱 + ⌛ = 🌲.
So talk to me about your project!

Here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

  1. Copy that sells. And darn it more copy that sells!
  2. Keep it simple. No jargon or BS. We’re here to get stuff done.
  3. Constant improvement. I’m constantly improving and growing.
  4. Firm, fair, and reasonable treatment at all times.
  5. Word is bond. We both say and do what we mean… always.

Have I Seen Your Work Before?

Yes, you might have! I’ve shared my adventures in marketing, copywriting, and funnels in these amazing places.

Okay, I Like This. How Do I Work With You?

Awesome. Book a “Make Your Funnel Great” session to get started.