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Get More Out Of Your Funnel With Copy That Sells

Building, growing, and optimizing your funnel doesn’t have to be boring or painful.

I’m here to help you “Make Your Funnel Great”. How? By using direct-response copy and clear messaging to get more out of it!

Together we’ll take what you know and turn it into words that sell.

 Let’s get it done… Superfast, in 7 days or less.

“Make Your Funnel Great” Session

Give your funnel a boost & win with one 90-minute session.

Who It’s For

This session is ideal for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

If you’re looking to build, grow, and optimize your funnel, but need a little help, this is the option for you.

“Make Your Funnel Great” is the best place to start before committing to a bigger project with me. We’ll find out if we ‘click’ and how to take your funnel to the next level.

How Does It Work?

Step 1 – Book Your Session


Start by booking your “Make Your Funnel Great” session. I’ll contact you within 48 hours and let you know if I can help.

Step 2 – Schedule A Call


We set up a Zoom in which we fine-tune the message + strategy for your copy.

I’ll send you a copy brief for approval within 24 hours of your session.

Step 3 – I Write Your Copy


 I create your copy based on your brief and the funnel element you selected (e.g. landing page, email, or etc.).

Step 4 – Your Copy Is Ready!


Bon appetite! You’ve got your new copy -written, edited and ready to go in 7 days or less.

Copy + past it wherever they need to go and presto!

What Can We Turbocharge?

We start with quick dive into your strategy, fine tune your message AND agree on;

  • Creating one (1x) funnel related bit of short, high-impact copy.
  • Your One Item Might Include:

✔️ Writing a 500-1,000 word landing page

✔️ Opt-in copy for your squeeze page

✔️ A 3-5 short email nurturing sequence

✔️ Coming up with copy for 5 new Google or FB Ads;

✔️ Scripting a 3-5 minute Video Sales Letter for your funnel;

Or… something else. Feel free to contact me to clarify what we can tackle during our “Make Your Funnel Great” session.

But that’s not all. Within 48 hours of receiving the final draft of your copy you’ll also get:

  1. A copy brief that clearly outlines what we did for your records & future planning.
  2. A message map for your copy + a short summary of the strategy behind it.
  3. A quick follow-up video with ‘best practices’ to help you get the most out of your new copy. I may already have something that’s ideal for you, but sometimes it’ll be customized for your situation.

PS: All agreed upon copy will be delivered within 7 working days of your “Make Your Funnel Great” session.

Your Investment: €397 Only

What Clients Say About My Work

“I needed someone to help with writing copy that sells for my site. Amadeus immediately stood out from the mass – I was hooked as soon as I read his message! It's been even better than I expected – he writes excellent copy but not only that; he'll listen and come up with solutions to problems you may not have even realized were there in the first place.“

Martina R., Soloprenure

“Amadeus was an absolute pleasure to work with. His writing accurately conveyed exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. Communication was perfect and the project was delivered well within the requested timeframe. Would highly recommend Amadeus and am looking forward to working with him on more projects.”

James S., Marketing Consultant

“Amadeus excelled in his delivery of my marketing email project. I enjoyed working with him. His communication was top-notch, offering expert guidance and suggestions to lead to a successful project. I enjoyed working with Amadeus and will have plenty of additional jobs for him in the future.”

Dirk J., Startup CEO